The Starting Price Regulatory Commission


Synopsis of the 2014 Chairmans Statement

2014 was another testing year for the SPRC as we faced an ever developing and changing betting market.

As before, there were many predictions from doom mongers that the Starting Price would collapse and disappear from this new betting world. On the SPRC, we are, however, well aware that there are some substantive reasons that lead sensible critics to question our existence and we have never been complacent about the future of our traditional product. The recent dramatic changes in technology and the progressive evolution of new betting modes and fashions present strong challenges and possible alternatives to the SP.

I wish to thank my fellow directors for their diligent attendance to our important and complex project and also to thank the operator members of the Technical Sub Committee which offer huge experience and valuable technical knowledge that the independent board could never match. We also greatly appreciate the daily work and integrity of the validators in the field, without whom there would be no Starting Price.
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